Le Creamshop - Keeping the spirit alive with the family (pt. 3)

Jacob Tutak
Montreal, QC, Canada

My passion for BMWs was unexpected. I was looking for my first car to buy and it happened to be an E36.
I got my first Bimmer in September of 2014  and it's the same car that I have today. Ever since then I kept up with maintenance and upgrades.

What I like about classics BMWs? The mechanics of the car and simple design; the "box" design with sharp edges are really attractive to me.
My futur plans for the car are, either M42 turbo or M50 swap, rear polyurethane subframe bushings and other performance parts.

I'd liketo give a shoutout to;

@euroclassic.group - my local club
@roaddefined - local business and friend
@lcs.autogoodz - local business, sponsor and friend
@krisovc - photographer and friend
@madzuskii - photographer and friend