Le Creamshop - Keeping the spirit alive with the family (pt. 1)

At LCS, our main mission have always been to keep the old style automotive spirit, alive.

 Besides our blog on Instagram or our capability to bring you the best retro stuff possible, we also like to support and affiliate with people who share the same passion for older cars and the lifestyle associated to them.

Over the next few days, you guys will be introduced to the very first six members of the family with a short story on their cars.


 Let's start with the owner of a beautiful E36 BMW built with a few different styles and inspirations in mind.


Philippe-Olivier Giguère

Montreal, QC, Canada


This is my first car. I had just turned 18 when I purchased it. I remember the test drive like it was yesterday. I don’t know what it was I fell in love with to be honest. It wasn’t the fastest car I had driven, it wasn’t particularly pretty and it was far from being rare or sought-after. I just had to have it for some reason.

Five years have passed, and I still drive this thing with the same passion. It’s still not very fast, it’s rough on the edges and it probably wouldn’t sell for much. But what do I care. I enjoyed every moment behind the wheel and that’s what matters the most to me. I’m glad it’s not perfect.